Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. This is a little pocket of BestLaidPlansBlog that you can’t link to from anywhere else except STEP THREE which basically means… you’re all in. If you stuck around this corner of the Internet for this long without getting distracted by cat + recipe videos, I know you’ve got a vested interest in getting more organized and productivity.

So, obviously, I have a secret prize for you. 

Here’s the thing. I need it to stay secret. I try really hard to keep ads to a bare minimum on my blog – because ADS ARE SO ANNOYING – which means the shop is my main source of blogging income. It’s also the main way I serve my readers, because I design each planner with you guys in mind – your needs, your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams – all of that.

So this ENORMOUS discount has got to stay between us, cool?