Real talk: Becoming more organized doesn’t happen overnight.

Real-er talk: It will never happen if you don’t change your habits.

It’s resolution time, and many of us are planning to turn over a new leaf this year in our organizational habits. But your plan will never be more than a plan unless you take a step.

The key to becoming more organized is so simple: plan ahead, then take action.

Want to be more organized? Take a few minutes to do this right now. Think of that one area of your life that you always feel under-prepared for. Then spend five minutes with a pen and notepad jotting down a few ideas –

* Why do you think are you disorganized in this area?
* Is the situation out of your control, or can you do something to help?
* What are two or three things you can do to make this area of your life more organized?
* What is a reasonable time frame for you to achieve these goals?

If you’re thinking, gosh, my whole LIFE seems disorganized – I hear you, sister.

If you feel stressed DAILY from the moment you rise until the moment you sleep, your day needs a plan.

If you survive the day-to-day okay, but are left at the end of each week with a list of to-dos that you can never finish in one weekend, your week needs a plan.If the day-to-day goes by just fine, but you tend to forget the big picture, your month (or perhaps your year) needs a plan.

Today, I’m highlighting a few resources to help you plan an organized life.


These are some of my favorite products from the free resource collection. They include a daily planner and several weekly planners! Check out the whole collection to find your favorite!




The premium designs are created with maximum efficiency AND aesthetic in mind. Many of these designs feature editable fields, coordinating designs, and you can even find a full-fledged 2017 planner. Here are a few of my shop favorites:


Enjoy, my friends! Plan on and live well in 2017!