If you stick around here for a while, you’ll find all kinds of weekly planners. Everyone’s looking for something a little different in a printable planner, but today I’m sharing MY personal favorite style. This is the version that’s hanging on my fridge right now. I find it really simple, clear, and most importantly to me – it’s flexible from week to week. Less frills means more room for interpretation.

go-to weekly planner 11x8.5 from Best Laid Plans Shop

So this is it. Every Sunday after the kids are in bed, I sit down with this little printable and meal plan for the week (and hello, this means two crockpot meals, lots of leftovers, a frozen pizza, and one “real” meal that usually ends up getting pushed off until the next week). Just being honest, folks. I love to cook but my 2-year-old won’t take more than two bites of anything that’s not “Maca Noni en Cheese” (it’s French) so motivation is low. My husband is gracious to me.

Usually, I write down dinner plans at the bottom of the box for each day, and fill in the empty space with daily plans. The to-do list on the right side gets filled up and checked off throughout the week. I try to have a steadfast “no carry-over” rule for the to-do list so no tasks are left in purgatory for more than 6 days.

Bottom line: I love having ANY kind of a weekly printable planner just because it’s helpful to sit down before each week begins and plan ahead. Things are less likely to pop up as “surprises” if you’ve had to sit down on Sunday night and think about the week ahead. ‘Cause we all need a little less crazy in our lives.

If this looks like your kind of jam, download it here for free.

Happy planning, friends!