You guys, I am in love with my new printer-friendly weekly planner.

I KNOW I just posted about the awesomeness of my go-to weekly printable planner, like, uh… a month ago, but this one is right up there (and YES, I am actually using this one In. Real. Life). Ya’ll know I don’t make these things just for fun, right?

Weekly Printable Planner


  • I am in love with the layout. You can fit A TON OF STUFF on this one little page!
  • Printer-friendly (almost completely black and white)
  • Calendar view includes room for deadlines for your to-do’s, whether for household or work-related tasks
  • Menu planner
  • “Thinking Ahead” box for the stuff you need on your radar for next week
  • Weekly Scripture. I added this to my weekly planner this go-around to make sure I start my week out in the Word, and to serve as a visual reminder of the Big Picture every time I glance at my planner.


  • It doesn’t cost any money. KIDDING THAT’S A PRO TOO.

Print this baby out fo’ free by clicking the picture above (make sure you click “scale to fit” when you print!) and let me know how you like it. I’m situating this bad boy in my new LIFE BINDER, which I’m throwing together this evening in anticipation of what is going to be an absolutely insane fall for our family.

Happy Planning!