Having an evening routine is a great way to wind down from the day and prep for tomorrow. I’m a huge proponent of an evening routine, but I’ll admit – getting started can be overwhelming.


How do you plan for something that you’re willing to commit to EVERY (real talk: *almost* every) night? Not only that, it’s so easy in our Pinterest World to get caught up in someone else’s idea of a perfect evening routine – and end up with one that doesn’t suit your actual lifestyle – because no one else REALLY understands the ins-and-outs of your unique life like you do.


So, uh… what’s an evening routine?

 Well this is easy. The stuff you do in the evenings. Think you don’t have one? Welllll, you’re wrong! Everyone has an evening routine, whether they call it that or not. We’re all creatures of habit. Your current evening routine might look like

  • Washing dishes, folding laundry, catching up with your spouse, and drinking a cup of tea.
  • Or perhaps it looks like cleaning up, working out, and chilling out.
  • Orrrrrr it might look like watching Netflix, eating ice cream, leaving the dishes in the sink, and forgetting to turn off the lights (I mean, I’m not judging. It sounds pretty killer).

Why should I change my evening routine?

 Well, you shouldn’t necessarily. The only reason to change your evening routine is if your current routine isn’t working for you. You’ll know your evening routine is NOT serving you well if any of the following apply to you:

  1. You feel stressed out in the mornings because you’re not prepared.
  2. You don’t have enough time to wind down in the evenings.
  3. You go to bed too late and wake up tired.
  4. You spend ALL of your “wind down” time idly, or on things that don’t add fulfillment to your life.
  5. You have trouble relaxing enough to fall asleep.

The perfect formula for your ideal evening routine…

…is pretty simple. It starts with asking yourself a few questions about your current habits and goals, and dreaming up some things that will work . The answers to those questions will naturally lead you to an evening routine that works for you.

Sound like too much work? It’s not.

 First – this whole process should take less than 20 minutes. And I’ve got a couple of free printables to help you tackle it seamlessly.

 Second? Brutal honesty time. Please contemplate: If you don’t take the time to assess your habits every once in a while, what are the chances you’re going to improve? Statistics say…. almost none.

 Our evening hours are IMPORTANT. Let’s use them wisely. 

The Questions You Need to Ask

 *What is currently WORKING for you in your usual evening routine?

*What is currently NOT WORKING for you in your usual evening routine?
*What causes you the most stress in the mornings?
*What are your favorite evening activities for winding down?
*How much time are you reasonably able to spend on productivity tasks on the typical evening?
*How much time would you ideally spend for leisure/relaxation in the evenings?
*What is your ideal bedtime?

 Download, print, and complete the free Evening Routine Worksheet here – then…

Make It Your Own

 Once you’ve completed your worksheet,

Tackle your morning stressors by turning them into evening routines.

Stressed by packing lunches? Have you kids pack their own at night.
-Stressed by starting the day with a messy kitchen? Do it before you go to bed.

Take the things you most love and turn them into non-negotiables.
– Love spending time with your spouse in front of your fave tv show? Make it a standing date.
– Can’t get enough of a good book? Dedicate 30 minutes every night.
– Need more opportunities for social time? Designate a Mom’s Night Out – or, if that’s not practical (I’m with you, budget-savvy friends), a standing phone date with a good friend. 

By turning your answers into your own customized plan, you’ll be sure to have YOUR ideal Evening Routine (enjoy this free printable so you can hang it on your fridge to keep yourself accountable!)

Ready to go?

 If you haven’t already, you can access your free worksheet and template here. Then get planning.

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