It’s time for another Friend Friday, and I’m so excited to share this one with you. I met Emily last summer at the park. Our boys were playing together and we struck up conversation, only to find that the boys were just a couple weeks apart in age, and we were both due with little girls within a week of each other. My husband, who was at the park with us, had us exchange phone numbers because – and this goes without saying – I am too awkward to make friends for myself. We ended up getting together for many more park play dates that summer, during most of which we whined about The Atrocities of Second Pregnancies in the Heat of the Virginia Summer with Wild Boys Under Two. I’ll spare you the details because I care about your spiritual well-being.

Our girls were born within a couple of weeks of each other and LET ME TELL YOU, it is amazing to have a friend to experience the newborn craziness with. If we ever decide to have a third child, I will be timing that business with all my girlfriends. I know it’s weird — but you say creepy, I say necessary. I LOVE the newborn phase, but it can feel really isolating at times, and having someone else walk through it with me was so meaningful.

Over the past year, Emily and I came to discover that we had much more than just our September babies in common. What started as a “convenient” friendship based on the ages of our kids has grown into a really sweet, dear friendship that I am so thankful for. Emily is really kind and insightful, a devoted follower of Christ, a really fun mom, and just the kind of adult that you really want your kids to be around. We are total opposites in some ways, and nearly identical in others. In the past year, we have shared our lives with each other over stroller walks, play dates, workouts, and a mountain of text messages. We’ve encouraged, commiserated, prayed, celebrated, cried, shared, complained, and laughed our heads off. It is a gift to walk through motherhood with this wise, hilarious, straight-up, lovely lovely lady.

I am certain that my husband probably regrets his choice to play friend matchmaker, because Emily and I text each other approximately 782 times per day. We are clearly meant for each other. Exhibit below:

Untitled design-2So, there’s that. Welcome to our friendship. Please don’t call CPS.

Anyway, after working as a school psychologist for years, Emily recently became a full-time Stay at Home Mom, which if you ask me, makes her worthy of sainthood. She asked me to design a fun, bold, and simple weekday planner that would cover meals, outings, and to-do’s. Here’s what we came up with:

5 day dinner_outings_tasks-2

This is a great one if you want to keep your whole life organized on one sheet, you like the accountability of a daily task list, and you prefer to keep the weekends more flexible. If this looks like your kind of planner, you can download it for FREE here.

Happy planning!