Things have gotten a little out of hand in my home. We moved in a year and a half ago, and the timing of our move wasn’t the greatest ever. I was at the tail end of the first trimester of my pregnancy with our second baby, and the exhaustion/puke/crazy toddler trifecta had me packing pretty haphazardly: instead of purging as I went, I just shoved everything into boxes. When we moved in, I promptly crammed all the junk into closets in the new house.

I’m an organizer by habit – not nature – so while I’ve made some decent attempts at putting everything in cute little containers and baskets, the clutter has won every time. The problem is I’ve never really done a proper purge. I’ve moved stuff around, labeled all of my cute woven baskets, and bought enough Sterilite products to keep them in business for years… but the truth is that organizing the clutter is a BAND-AID when what I really need is surgery: a full on Clutter-ectomy.

We are drowning in clutter. And to add to my discontentment, the holidays are fast approaching. You and I can already sense the massive wave of consumerism that is about to take over the media – and soon enough, our homes. The world is about to bombard us with the mixed-up message that we need MORE STUFF to make us happy, and this is not a message I want to see infiltrating my heart – and definitely not the hearts of my two young children.

So, my family is saying FAREWELL to clutter this fall, and I’d love to invite you to join me.

Because I’m a brave woman, I’m sharing my BEFORE pictures here:


Will you join me? I’ve prepared a 6 week, step-by step plan to declutter SIX prime clutter areas before Christmas: clothes, bathroom, kitchen, toys, paper, and closets.

Want to join in? I’ll send you an email every week letting you know what to do, step-by-step. We’ll connect in our private Facebook group and get inspired to organize via Pinterest.

It’s time.

Let’s ditch the superfluous, unused, impractical, and unnecessary, the clunky, junky, maybe smells a little funky…


Join in and breathe deep. It’s time to purge.

FREE Challenge starts October 30.

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