It will take you about 2 minutes and 2 dollars to pull off this cute (and practical) DIY.

I LOVE the idea of a command center, but can’t ever quite find the space for one in my small kitchen. The side of my fridge is all I’ve got! I got a little crafty with clipboards this weekend and I’m loving the end result.

Best news? It’ll only cost you a couple bucks – and even if you have no crafting skills, you can easily tackle this little project in just a few minutes.


* Clipboard (Dollar Tree!)
* Magnetic tape (79 cents for a 30 inch roll at your local craft store)
* Your calendar and/or planning sheet of choice!

Cut off four 6-inch pieces of magnet tape, and affix to all four sides of the clipboard. (Edit: it doesn’t hurt to use some clear transparent tape over the magnet tape just to make sure it doesn’t un-stick)

Clip in your calendar and you’re good to go!

Copy of 2017 calendar pin-3.png


*Note: If your paper is LANDSCAPE (like the calendar on top in my image), you may need a little bit of scotch tape on the back of your paper to keep it from flying sideways!

If you like the calendar and weekly planner in this image, you can find it here. Or for more FREE designs, check out the Free Resource Collection.

Plan on and live well!