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Hi, I’m Kelsey. I am a lifelong dreamer, planner, teacher, and a recovering control freak. I love organization and putting pen to paper. I believe it’s helpful to always have a plan, but much more important to be ready to laugh when your plans fail or change. I blog about both here.

I am a wife to a goofy Youth Pastor, mama to two littles, and a music teacher. I try never to take myself too seriously (but I fail a lot).

If you stick around, you’ll find organization hacks, printable planners, and some honest humor to keep the perfectionism in check – because life is never as neat and tidy as we plan it. A big part of my philosophy in organization is to keep things ACCESSIBLE – which meansĀ you can actually achieve this stuff without spending a ton of money, getting rid of everything you own, and spending two hours every night planning ahead for the next day. We are real humans here.

If you’re new to the blog, Welcome! You may want to start with one of these popular posts:

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Happy Planning!