Mornings with kids are a special kind of chaos.

And by special, I mean absolutely terrible and possibly hysteria-inducing. It’s a trifecta of awfulness – everyone has to go somewhere, no one is wearing clothes, and your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Some moms combat the morning chaos by getting up before the sun, and to you superhero mothers, I pledge my unwavering admiration. I am not worthy of your greatness.

Good news is, my fellow lazy-morning-mothers and I can catch up by doing the legwork at night.

The Five Things Organized Moms Do Every Night (to make mornings easier)


Put everything away. Do a quick 5-minute sweep and make sure all the toys, loose papers, and random socks (it’s always the socks!) get put away. Nothing will make you lose your cool more at 6am then stepping on another lego.


Clean the kitchen to spotless. Don’t leave the dishes out on the counter to dry – or worse, in the sink to soak. You’ll want to punch your last-night-self in the morning if you wake up to chores.

*I always try to do these two things FIRST in my evening routine, as soon as the kids are in bed. It maximizes the time that I get to spend in a tidy house, and this is essential to my personal sanity.


Pack ’em up. Get bags and lunches packed for the morning for every member of your family who has somewhere to go. Bonus points if your kids are old enough to do this for themselves. Make it a part of their evening routine. ┬áDouble-check for library books, papers that need to be signed, field trip money, etc. Include yourself too! Get your gym bag/purse/diaper bag ready.


Think through tomorrow. Do a quick “brain dump” list of all the things you need to do tomorrow. This is doubly beneficial. First, it gets you on your game more quickly in the morning since you already know what you need to do. Second, I find often that once I’ve written these tasks down, I get a second wave of energy and end up knocking it out in the evening instead.


Jump-start your personal care for tomorrow. Try taking your shower at night instead of in the morning, or getting your outfit set to go. Showers just aren’t as relaxing when your children are banging the door down and three other people need to get in the bathroom. Might as well enjoy it.

Get on it, girl. Try it out and let me know how it goes. What would you add to this list?